Fox Sports interns reveal they want to make a documentary on India’s cricket team

Fox Sports’ first-ever internship program is for young writers and journalists to help them get their first taste of Indian cricket.Fox Sports has a long history of developing talent for their networks, but the program is the first for its network of Indian-language broadcasters.“This is our first internship, and I think it’s the first one we’ve done in India,” Fox […]

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How to Get People Talking About ‘Beautiful People’ in Chinese: Chinese-language TV

China’s state-owned CCTV has a new way of making people talk about beauty.It’s dubbed “BeautifulPeople” in Chinese, a phrase that translates to “Beauty is not just a thing to look at.It is a thing that can be achieved.”The new TV show, which premiered on April 1, features a group of young girls and young women.The girls wear makeup, are beautiful, […]

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How to find the world’s most important media

News articles are an important part of the newsfeed of most of the internet.If you’re looking for the best news for your time and place, it is critical to have the best and most comprehensive.Here are five ways to get the most out of them.1.Use the right keywords.It is very difficult to find a news article that is both timely […]

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