Which TV news organisations are ‘fake news’?

When you hear the word ‘fake’ you might think of the BBC or News Corp, but there are many more.We know that the BBC is a mouthpiece of the state, with no real independent reporting and no real independence from political and corporate influence.News Corp is a media company whose aim is to create a dominant media empire through its […]

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What to watch this week on CBS News with David Bianculli: “The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore”

By David BianceriThe night after his interview with Donald Trump, David Bianco watched The Nightly News with Larry Wilfon.He wasn’t expecting to have such a good time.The hosts of the news show, who are known for their ability to engage in political commentary, are usually not seen on TV as they spend much of their time at home.The newsroom has […]

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