What you need to know about the Orlando shootings

The Pulse nightclub shooting is the latest mass shooting in a country where gun ownership and access to guns are on the rise.The United States was the only industrialized nation to see a total of 14 mass shootings in 2016, according to the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.The Orlando shootings happened just one day […]

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How to write about the news and avoid the media’s bias

Reuters news agency reports that the world’s media is biased in favor of corporate control over the news.The news media’s dominance has contributed to the world facing “increasingly dire problems” and has “resulted in widespread mistrust of government and public institutions,” the agency said in a report released on Thursday.The report said the media is increasingly “increasing its control over […]

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How to keep your job if you don’t want to cover the news

“This was a terrible mistake.”The Associated Press has reported that the AP News Agency was paid by a former Trump adviser to influence the news coverage of the president’s inauguration.AP was asked to pay $500,000 for an opinion piece, but declined to pay it.It was unclear what the AP story was about, though the Washington Post reported it was about […]

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