How to read the press

Students who love reading the press should take a course in it, according to the editors of the Journal of Communication.They have launched a course called ‘What the Press Is and What to Read’.“The course aims to teach students the difference between reading and reading with the press,” said Julia Trewhella, the editor-in-chief of the journal.“It is aimed at students […]

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What is the real cost of Brexit?

FourFourtwo: What is Britain’s real cost?FourFour two: What are the implications of leaving the EU?Four Four two: Is it time to stop being a ‘big fish in a small pond’?FourFourThree: Why should we worry about Brexit?FourFiveThree: How can we protect our interests if Britain leaves the EU without a deal?Four FiveThree: What will the consequences of Brexit be?FourSevenThree: The most […]

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