How to report on the worst news on the internet?

The most common mistakes people make when reporting on the Internet are being overly sensitive, not understanding the impact of the news you are reporting on, and not being in control of your own online life.Here’s what you need to know to be effective in your reporting on social media.1.Avoid the internet entirely.You will never be able to make your […]

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WAAHEEN: New York-based lender to raise $150M from investors and banks for expansion

New York (AP) — WAAHEEEN Media News & Information LLC, a New York based lender with an international presence, announced Monday it had raised $150 million from two sources including the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and Deutsche Bank.The investment from WAAAHED Media Ventures and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. represents the company’s first major funding round.WAAAHEEEN’s […]

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