How to make sure you don’t pay for news stories on Facebook

News websites like Facebook have long relied on a paid news service that offers advertisers an opportunity to pay for content.But the new Facebook News Stories service that’s launched today makes it easier for advertisers to target ads based on who’s talking about news.The Facebook News Story platform uses data from the News Feed to rank news articles in different […]

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Which country has the biggest media empire?

The media industry is not the only sector to have a massive reach in Finland, as the country has a very large and diverse media industry, the report found.According to the report, the Finnish media industry employs more than 40,000 people, representing more than a third of the total workforce in the country.This figure represents a substantial growth of just […]

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How to create an image-rich website in no time

This article is part of TechRadars’ Media Technology News series, where we analyse how technology and media are changing how we consume and consume content.Read more…The latest news about the internet, technology and the future:TechRadar’s Media Technology article:Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon unveil their ‘cloud computing’ strategyRead more:Techradar’s Industry, Technology and News article:A glimpse inside the minds of the world’s […]

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How to create your own Cryptocurrency Wallet to protect your Bitcoins

Restoring your Bitcoins from being stolen or destroyed is a key element of maintaining your wealth.In order to do this, you need to secure your Bitcoin wallet and store it safely.Here is a list of some of the best security features to protect Bitcoin wallets.Cryptocurrencies can be easily stolen or damaged and lost in the process.Here are some best security […]

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