How to create an image-rich website in no time

This article is part of TechRadars’ Media Technology News series, where we analyse how technology and media are changing how we consume and consume content.Read more…The latest news about the internet, technology and the future:TechRadar’s Media Technology article:Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon unveil their ‘cloud computing’ strategyRead more:Techradar’s Industry, Technology and News article:A glimpse inside the minds of the world’s […]

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How the world’s top news outlets are reporting on Myanmar crisis

The Associated Press – LONDON (AP) — As the world braces for Myanmar’s largest ethnic cleansing since a 2011 military coup, the Associated Press is trying to figure out how the world should cover the crisis.The AP’s Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative unit has been working with a Myanmar government watchdog to identify what it calls its “gold standard” for reporting on […]

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The best and worst bank websites in Australia

The news media are predicting that Australia’s financial services sector will have a $200 billion market share fall by 2019.The industry is set to lose out to the likes of Citigroup, J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley, with a $400 billion market cap, according to research from research firm IDC.The market has been shrinking in recent years, with the median size […]

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