How to view news media charts in a browser

You can see how the news media outlets in your local area are ranking, by clicking on the links.This will display the news outlets’ metrics as a bar chart.You can also click on the map to see where they are ranked.This is a chart of the news channels’ metrics, as shown on their websites.You may need to refresh the page […]

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Why did the US go to war with Iraq?

What caused the US to attack Iraq in 2003?In 2003, the US and its allies were conducting an ambitious campaign of air and ground attacks against the regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq.The invasion and occupation of Iraq was aimed at establishing an independent state within the borders of Iraq.US President George W Bush had promised to invade and occupy […]

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How the country’s top media are struggling to cope with Saadaal disaster

SAADAAL, South Africa — A government watchdog has recommended that the government ban the media from covering any major political and economic events in the next two weeks.The Cabinet Committee on Media Regulation released the recommendation Thursday, saying it would help curb media influence and “preserve the sanctity of life.”The committee said that if a country’s leaders decided to ban […]

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