How to make a dabaraan with Irish sausage

This article was originally published on October 11, 2016.Please note the title has been changed to better reflect the new content.To make a Dabaraaani, all you need is some good old-fashioned Irish sausage.A dabarán is a dish of cooked potatoes and bacon, which has been marinated and stewed in water and vinegar, until it becomes a tasty sauce.You can find […]

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How to protect yourself from a fake story about refugees and refugees in Australia

It seems Australia’s new refugee crisis has gone from a joke to something serious.The fake news story that emerged over the weekend claiming that Australia was planning to introduce mandatory mandatory detention for refugees and asylum seekers in the nation has caused a global sensation, with the media all over the world rushing to explain what the story actually said.Key […]

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How to report on the worst news on the internet?

The most common mistakes people make when reporting on the Internet are being overly sensitive, not understanding the impact of the news you are reporting on, and not being in control of your own online life.Here’s what you need to know to be effective in your reporting on social media.1.Avoid the internet entirely.You will never be able to make your […]

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