Australian Rugby league to launch new digital platform next year

The Australian Rugby League is to launch a new digital channel in 2018 that will be aimed at helping players and fans stay in touch with the game.Key points:Rangers’ Chris Auld has been instrumental in getting the club to this point, with many in the game believing he will remain on boardThe channel will be called “Aulds Radio”The channel is […]

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Which is the most negative

about you?article Posted February 05, 2019 06:24:23I’ve been looking for an article to share this week, but all I found was a headline about my own negative news media coverage.So, I decided to take a closer look at how the media outlets are reporting on the US election, with a focus on the most “negative” articles.This article is not about […]

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How to avoid getting sued for defamation

When the Supreme Court ruled that Alabama was able to ban hate speech from TV news, a lot of people were worried.But it’s been nearly a year since the ruling and many people aren’t too worried.In fact, people are finding it much easier to do so than before.For instance, a court ruled in January that Fox News, the cable news […]

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