Which is the most negative

about you?article Posted February 05, 2019 06:24:23I’ve been looking for an article to share this week, but all I found was a headline about my own negative news media coverage.So, I decided to take a closer look at how the media outlets are reporting on the US election, with a focus on the most “negative” articles.This article is not about […]

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How the world’s top news outlets are reporting on Myanmar crisis

The Associated Press – LONDON (AP) — As the world braces for Myanmar’s largest ethnic cleansing since a 2011 military coup, the Associated Press is trying to figure out how the world should cover the crisis.The AP’s Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative unit has been working with a Myanmar government watchdog to identify what it calls its “gold standard” for reporting on […]

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How to watch ‘The Walking Dead’: ‘A new frontier for zombie movies’

The Walking Dead is back, and it’s back with an entirely new kind of zombie film.The movie will hit theaters on Friday and feature the return of Rick Grimes, a new character, as well as his wife Michonne and their baby son Carl, who will be played by the late James Marsden.According to a new teaser, it will be the […]

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