What you need to know about the Orlando shootings

The Pulse nightclub shooting is the latest mass shooting in a country where gun ownership and access to guns are on the rise.The United States was the only industrialized nation to see a total of 14 mass shootings in 2016, according to the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.The Orlando shootings happened just one day […]

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Which country is the world’s most news-hungry?

By: Maggie Bowerman | August 24, 2016 09:00:22America is the most newsworthy country in the world, and the United States of America is the only country in which you’ll find someone making an issue of a person who is newsworthy, but the country itself has an enormous amount of fake news.A new report from the US-based advocacy group Media Matters […]

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How the country’s top media are struggling to cope with Saadaal disaster

SAADAAL, South Africa — A government watchdog has recommended that the government ban the media from covering any major political and economic events in the next two weeks.The Cabinet Committee on Media Regulation released the recommendation Thursday, saying it would help curb media influence and “preserve the sanctity of life.”The committee said that if a country’s leaders decided to ban […]

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Why you might be surprised by the amount of media coverage of the US election

On November 7, 2016, the US House of Representatives passed the United States Freedom of Information Act.It is an omnibus bill that, among other things, provides for the release of the names of journalists who are employed by the Federal Government and for the removal of any records that might be kept that might suggest that their work is biased. One […]

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