How the media can beat back the fake news threat

Posted November 17, 2018 04:19:58In this video, The American Conservatives founder and President Romeneski discusses how the media, academia, and the government can help combat fake news.Romenesky was born in Italy but raised in Ohio.He earned a degree in journalism at the University of Akron and worked for the Columbus Dispatch and the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer before launching his own business, […]

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What’s the real deal with ‘millennial’ media? – NBC News

The phrase “millennial” has long been associated with younger audiences.In the 1950s, “millennials” were the epitome of what the media saw as a future of mass-media consumption.By the early 1970s, however, there was a growing number of younger generations, with millennials being the fastest-growing generation in the United States.Millennials are also the largest generation in America, and their influence has […]

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Blue Bag Media, a new media company with a history of newsrooms, announces new media partnership with Rebel Media News

Updated September 30, 2018 07:19:53Blue Bag Media’s new media deal with Rebel, the Rebel Media news media platform, comes as the company aims to broaden its reach into new markets and new genres.The new partnership will see Blue Bag and Rebel launch new publications such as Rebel Media: a new news platform for young people, a digital news and information […]

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