Australian Rugby league to launch new digital platform next year

The Australian Rugby League is to launch a new digital channel in 2018 that will be aimed at helping players and fans stay in touch with the game.Key points:Rangers’ Chris Auld has been instrumental in getting the club to this point, with many in the game believing he will remain on boardThe channel will be called “Aulds Radio”The channel is […]

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How to write about the news and avoid the media’s bias

Reuters news agency reports that the world’s media is biased in favor of corporate control over the news.The news media’s dominance has contributed to the world facing “increasingly dire problems” and has “resulted in widespread mistrust of government and public institutions,” the agency said in a report released on Thursday.The report said the media is increasingly “increasing its control over […]

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How to read the press

Students who love reading the press should take a course in it, according to the editors of the Journal of Communication.They have launched a course called ‘What the Press Is and What to Read’.“The course aims to teach students the difference between reading and reading with the press,” said Julia Trewhella, the editor-in-chief of the journal.“It is aimed at students […]

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