How to make sure you don’t pay for news stories on Facebook

News websites like Facebook have long relied on a paid news service that offers advertisers an opportunity to pay for content.But the new Facebook News Stories service that’s launched today makes it easier for advertisers to target ads based on who’s talking about news.The Facebook News Story platform uses data from the News Feed to rank news articles in different […]

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What’s happening in the media and how do we understand it? – Alternative news media is the term used for news organizations that focus on stories from the alternative and alternative-oriented – Alternate news media publishes news that has no connection to mainstream – The weekly print and online publication of the Economist, with news, analysis, opinion and

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Toyota’s new media kit is a step up for the company

Toyota has unveiled its new media gear and is showing off the new features of its new car, the Prius.The Japanese automaker has also rolled out the first of several new media products to the brand’s online platforms, including a video app for Android, a music app, and a photo-sharing app for iPhone.The Prius’ new design and styling are clearly […]

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