How to make your own fake carat coin: How to buy, sell, and store it

Carat coins are a great way to buy and sell items online and to keep track of your wealth.The coins are produced by a metalworking company, and are worth about $100 each.However, these coins are often a little hard to find in stores, as most stores don’t carry them.Fortunately, there are a few online stores that sell them.Here are a […]

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Why did the Taliban kill journalists?

Posted November 05, 2018 06:31:13Pakistani authorities have denied that Taliban killed more than 100 journalists in a raid on a government building in the capital city of Islamabad, which has become a symbol of the country’s conflict with the Taliban.The Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) reported Sunday that police raided the headquarters of the Pakistan Information Service (PIS) on Saturday morning […]

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