Australia’s NBN rollout to ‘end the era of the slowest rollout’

The NBN is about to get a little faster.The Government has unveiled a plan that will see it deliver fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) service to all Australians by the end of 2019.The roll out is set to begin in 2019, meaning that by 2021 Australia will have completed the country’s rollout of the fibre-optic network, which is the backbone of the NBN.The […]

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How to avoid the fake news problem: The truth is not what you think it is

The internet is a world where everything can be proven.But some things are simply too easy to make up, and that’s the reason why fake news has emerged in such a large number.The term fake news is not used to describe everything that comes across the web, but the way it spreads can be so easily manipulated by human beings […]

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