How to deal with a Chinese media blackout

Today I’d like to share some tips on how to handle a Chinese press blackout. In the past few months, there have been several news articles published on the subject of Chinese censorship.The main reason behind these articles was that a certain Chinese media outlet had decided to stop broadcasting content critical of China.The Chinese government is constantly monitoring the content […]

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How to Use the “News Media” Startup in Your Business

News Media startup in your business can be an extremely powerful tool.But it can also be a powerful drain.Here are some ways to use the news media startup in a business you’re currently running, and how to leverage it to maximize the potential for growth.1.Build a News Feed for the Newsroom You already have a newsroom.Why not start a new […]

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How to get Iran to release journalist sentenced to life in prison

IRAN — A reporter who was sentenced to a life in jail in Iran was released Tuesday after a U.S. appeals court ruled the death sentence was not an appropriate punishment for her crimes.The Iranian court said the sentence was too harsh and it had no choice but to accept it.In February, Iranian authorities announced that journalist Hamed Ghanem was […]

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