Egyptian authorities: We’re going to prosecute people for killing children

Egypt’s Supreme Court has rejected an appeal by a group of citizens who claim they were unjustly convicted for killing a baby boy.The Supreme Court ruled on Friday that the family of the boy, who was just five months old when he was killed, had the right to appeal against the conviction, and that a verdict should be handed down […]

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Why Egypt’s top news agency wants to be part of an Internet TV network

EGYPT – Egypt’s government-run news agency has proposed a network of Internet TV services that it hopes would draw more viewers into the country’s nascent media market.Egypt’s Information Ministry said on Tuesday it is working on an Internet Television Network (IOTN) to compete with services like TV4 and Al Jazeera, which are available on the countrys largest mobile phone network.The […]

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How to access the news media in Cambodia via a VPN

The news media can be accessed via a number of ways: a traditional news portal; a digital news service; or a virtual portal, which is a type of news portal which is accessed through a VPN.Here’s how to use the VPN to access and access the internet from Cambodia.VPNs are often used to access content in Cambodia through proxies.The purpose […]

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How the Serie A title race is shaping up in Italy

The title race for the Italian title continues in Italy with the top two sides currently battling it out for the Europa League.The race is set to intensify after Juventus beat Sampdoria 2-1 in a friendly on Tuesday.This will give Milan the automatic right to play in the Champions League after the match, and then Juventus have the option of […]

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