BANGKOK: ‘There’s a huge risk’ of Myanmar army’s use of Rohingya in border clashes

Two days after Myanmar said it was considering sending troops to protect its border with Bangladesh, the army said it would send in soldiers to enforce a ban on cross-border killings and harassment.Army Chief Gen. U Sokhen Wutthof told reporters on Saturday that he hoped to begin deploying troops to the border with Myanmar within the next 24 hours, as […]

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How the world’s top news outlets are reporting on Myanmar crisis

The Associated Press – LONDON (AP) — As the world braces for Myanmar’s largest ethnic cleansing since a 2011 military coup, the Associated Press is trying to figure out how the world should cover the crisis.The AP’s Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative unit has been working with a Myanmar government watchdog to identify what it calls its “gold standard” for reporting on […]

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‘Till then I was a normal Bangladeshi’: Bangladesi journalist recalls life in Bangladesh’s new media world

In the past few weeks, I have been on the frontlines of a fierce media war in Bangladesh, a country in the throes of a massive media revolution.The nation’s new social media and information revolution has unleashed a torrent of digital content and social media posts from the country’s burgeoning online media industry.The new digital media landscape has unleashed fierce […]

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