How the media can beat back the fake news threat

Posted November 17, 2018 04:19:58In this video, The American Conservatives founder and President Romeneski discusses how the media, academia, and the government can help combat fake news.Romenesky was born in Italy but raised in Ohio.He earned a degree in journalism at the University of Akron and worked for the Columbus Dispatch and the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer before launching his own business, […]

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How to avoid the worst media disasters on Facebook and Twitter: Experts report

The world’s most powerful social media sites are at risk of a cyberattack, with experts warning of a massive, global data breach and a “national emergency” to protect public health and social media.Experts say that after a massive ransomware attack on the social media site of South Korean company Woori last week, which crippled Wooru and its network, the world […]

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