News websites like Facebook have long relied on a paid news service that offers advertisers an opportunity to pay for content.

But the new Facebook News Stories service that’s launched today makes it easier for advertisers to target ads based on who’s talking about news.

The Facebook News Story platform uses data from the News Feed to rank news articles in different ways based on how news stories are viewed, and also to display content related to the story.

The new feature allows advertisers to display stories based on the content they’re interested in targeting.

Facebook says the new feature will help advertisers target ads on the news stories they find most relevant.

If a story about a big event, a major crime, or a crime investigation is relevant to your business, you can now target ads to those stories.

But if a story isn’t relevant to the topic at hand, you won’t be able to target it at all.

The News Story service is available for desktop, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

You’ll also need to be on Facebook to use it.

Facebook says the feature is available to advertisers that want to target News Stories to people based on their Facebook accounts.

You can see the new News Story feature on your News Feed in the screenshot below.

You can also view and customize the News Story experience for your News Stories, which are currently available in the News tab on the left side of your News feed.

You don’t have to use the News Stories feature to see them, but you can use them to make more personalized content.

Facebook is working to improve the experience for publishers and advertisers who use the Facebook News Feed.

The company said it plans to bring News Stories and other features to the News Tab, where they will be accessible to users on the web.

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