The year 2017 has been a year of upheaval for news media.

It has been an unprecedented year in terms of how quickly news media has evolved, and how rapidly that evolution has accelerated.

As it stands now, 2017 marks the third year in a row that news media is experiencing a significant decline in its audience.

The news media landscape is being reshaped in the most powerful way possible by platforms that are increasingly competing with one another, and platforms that want to use news as a political weapon.

This article will explore five of the most influential news media figures in 2017: CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and Fox News.

These news organizations are, in their own ways, at the core of our national discourse.

But they also have some of the strongest platforms of all.

They have deep pockets, and they’re the only news outlets with an entire slate of highly paid media personalities.

They’re the news outlets that are the most able to communicate their news with broad audiences, and are the only ones with access to the highest-paying and most powerful news networks in the world.

These five news organizations have played a central role in shaping our national debate and shaping the news.

They’ve also been the subject of a lot of controversy and conflict.

The first four are represented below in alphabetical order.


CNN The CNN brand is known for its relentless, unflinching reporting.

That reputation is not only shared by the network’s news team, but by the audience of its viewers, too.

According to Pew Research, CNN is the most-watched news channel in the United States.

This year, its audience grew by about 11% compared to last year, with a record-breaking week for the first quarter of 2017.

CNN also has the most prominent personalities on the platform.

While CNN anchors Jake Tapper and Brooke Baldwin have become known as the most authoritative anchors on television, others like Alisyn Camerota and Erin Burnett are also highly regarded in their field.

A lot of people are excited to see them at the helm of CNN, but their success is not solely a result of their prominence on the network.

The network also enjoys the support of prominent Republicans, many of whom are fans of Tapper’s reporting.

While most Republican commentators have made clear that they do not share CNN’s views on policy, they are often more vocal about the news that matters to them.

Trump has repeatedly called CNN’s coverage of the Charlottesville rally a “disgrace,” and CNN has consistently called out the Trump administration for its response.

In 2018, CNN anchors Wolf Blitzer and Erin Jones have become fixtures on cable news shows, and both have consistently reported on the Trump Administration’s response to Charlottesville.

CNN has also been a prominent voice in defending Trump’s agenda.

As a result, some viewers have questioned whether CNN is just a news organization that follows Trump’s lead and presents the same biased and incomplete coverage of him that Trump has presented on television.

It’s also important to note that CNN anchors are not the only journalists on the air, and many news outlets are also featuring a large number of former CNN employees.

CNN is also a key player in the fight for net neutrality.

In 2017, it led the fight to win net neutrality rules that would have given the public more control over the internet, but Trump vetoed the rules after the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) threatened to block the rules unless they were changed.


MSNBC MSNBC has a long and storied history of challenging the mainstream media and advocating for progressive values.

The cable news network is the only outlet to have hosted both Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders in the White House, as well as former President Bill Clinton.

The show’s flagship show, The Rachel Maddow Show, is an invaluable tool for the progressive left.

In addition to hosting the show, Maddow hosts a wide variety of shows including her own MSNBC Morning Joe, MSNBC Live, and MSNBC Politics.

She has also become a prominent advocate for LGBTQ rights, which is also the topic of many of her programs.

In recent years, MSNBC has been at the forefront of the progressive movement.

Its new political programming has been critical of both Republican and Democratic candidates.

The MSNBC Morning Report, a nightly show airing on Fridays, is the network and its sister network MSNBC’s flagship program.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, MSNBC’s first-ever LGBT debate, hosted by LGBTQ rights activist Caitlin Flanagan, featured a panel of prominent progressive voices including MSNBC’s Al Sharpton and Rachel Maddows show, which covered the candidates’ positions on the LGBTQ community.


ABC ABC is the second-largest news network in the U

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