The phrase “millennial” has long been associated with younger audiences.

In the 1950s, “millennials” were the epitome of what the media saw as a future of mass-media consumption.

By the early 1970s, however, there was a growing number of younger generations, with millennials being the fastest-growing generation in the United States.

Millennials are also the largest generation in America, and their influence has grown exponentially since the 1970s.

In an interview with NBC News, Millennial Media founder, Jack Abramoff, said he believes there is an emerging understanding that millennials are the future of the media.

“We’ve seen the rise of young media, and I think that millennials have come into this space, and they’ve had a great impact,” Abramoff said.

“Millennials are coming in and they’re really redefining the way that media is going to be created.”

The phrase ‘millennial’ has long become associated with young audiences.

Abramoff believes that the term “millenials” has become synonymous with a certain group.

In his own research, Abramoff has found that the word is associated with a group of people, ranging from teens to young adults.

Abramo says the word has also been associated in a derogatory way with certain racial groups.

Abramowitz said that his company is creating a media empire that includes documentaries, podcasts and other media, with the goal of bringing millennial audiences together.

Abramson believes that his Millennial media will not only be a platform for younger media creators, but also for those who are trying to change the way the media is produced.

“It’s a business model that I think is going really well,” Abramson said.

Abramovs company, Millennian Media, is launching a new product in 2018 called the Millennial Hub.

The hub will be a community of people who share a common interest in millennial media and sharing the stories of their favorite people.

Abramowson said the hub will feature original content, and will also allow people to create their own stories.

The idea of Abramowitz telling stories from his perspective is not new to Abramov, who started his own documentary-making company called Abramowitz Productions in 2015.

The Abramowitz Company is also working on the launch of a new platform that will be similar to a video sharing site, called YouTube, called Abramowos Media Hub.

Abramowsky said that there is also a need for new media and that he believes millennials are ready to share their stories.

“The millennials are saying, ‘Hey, I want to be a part of this,'” Abramov said.

This will be Abramowitz’s fourth business.

Abramovich has been involved in the media for years.

He co-founded the company in 2005.

He has a background in film and television production, which has helped Abramowitz get into the business.

But Abramowitz is also known for his passion for the business of storytelling.

He said that he wants to continue to make the world a better place through storytelling.

“I’ve been around this business for 25 years, and my hope is that by the time I’m done, we’ll be creating a legacy that will last a long time,” Abramowitz told NBC News.

Abramovsky said that one of the biggest challenges in today’s media environment is how to keep millennials engaged.

He added that his goal is to continue the storytelling that he and his colleagues are creating, and he believes that is one of Abramov’s biggest strengths.

“What I’m trying to do with the Millennium Media is create a platform where they can share their story,” Abramovy said.

The company’s business model will be based on social sharing, which Abramowitz says is an efficient way to share stories.

Abramows is also experimenting with new ways to reach millennial audiences.

For example, Abramov says he is developing a podcast that will feature stories from young people who are using technology to create unique experiences.

Abramos company is also launching a platform called “Millennial Media Radio” that will allow viewers to create, share and listen to audio from the company’s podcasts.

Abramozos radio will also feature a feature called “Episodic Radio,” where listeners can listen to a particular episode of an upcoming series or show.

Abramahos radio also plans to feature content from Abramowitz Films, a media company he co-created, which will allow Abramowitz to provide viewers with more original content than he can provide on his own.

Abramove is also developing a new television show called “The Abramowitz Show.”

The show will explore the Abramowitz family business through interviews with business leaders and influencers.

Abramotis first show will be in 2018.

Abramovi will also be featured on “The First 100 Days of Trump,” which will be hosted by NBC’s Andrea Mitchell.

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