Two days after Myanmar said it was considering sending troops to protect its border with Bangladesh, the army said it would send in soldiers to enforce a ban on cross-border killings and harassment.

Army Chief Gen. U Sokhen Wutthof told reporters on Saturday that he hoped to begin deploying troops to the border with Myanmar within the next 24 hours, as part of a “large-scale” crackdown that began last week.

But he did not give details of the scale of the operation, or if it would involve soldiers or officers from the Myanmar army or the Myanmar National Police.

The military has faced widespread criticism in the past for using the Rohingya minority as human shields, and said last week it would use helicopters to search for Rohingya who were in its custody.

The Myanmar government has repeatedly denied that it is carrying out a military campaign in the country.

It has denied any cross-national incursions and has accused Bangladesh of using the army to stir up ethnic tensions.

Bangladesh has repeatedly blamed Myanmar for the cross-ethnic violence that killed more than 1,200 Rohingya and driven more than 3,000 to Bangladesh from Myanmar.

The United Nations and human rights groups have said Myanmar forces have carried out hundreds of extrajudicial killings of the Rohingya in Bangladesh.

BangLadesh said the military would send soldiers to the Myanmar border to enforce the country’s “special border zones” law, which prohibits the use of civilians as human shield.

The law is widely seen as a pretext for targeting Rohingya in Myanmar, and the government has warned that it will use force against any Rohingya who attempt to cross into Bangladesh.

The crackdown comes as Rohingya face growing anger over the violence.

In the first week of September, more than 7,000 Rohingya fled into Bangladesh after police in the Myanmar capital Rakhine State opened fire on protesters in a protest camp.

In the aftermath, more Rohingya joined the mass exodus.

The UN human rights office said the government had killed more people than in any other month of the year.

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