The Hill article The president’s tweet is false.

The tweet was not an official White House statement or the president’s response to questions from reporters about the tweet, according to several White House officials.

The president, in fact, has not issued a formal response to the claim that he is the victim of a smear campaign by the Democratic Party, nor has he responded directly to the questions about his firing.

He did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday.

The White House said it does not comment on ongoing investigations.

The controversy surrounding Trump’s claim stems from his claim that the Democratic National Committee orchestrated a “witch hunt” against him to undermine his reelection.

But the president has not said who may have orchestrated the smear campaign.

A CNN report Thursday said the president had made the statement after a White House staffer called the media to ask about it.

In a tweet on Friday, Trump said he was referring to a report in The New York Times that the White House had asked a top official in the DNC to make a decision about whether to continue to support Hillary Clinton.

Trump said the DNC “is looking into” the allegation.

The Times said in a statement Friday that it was not the president who made the remark and that it “has not been confirmed by anyone who has spoken with him directly.”

The statement said the story was “inaccurate.”

The president has repeatedly dismissed the story as false, and on Friday he defended the White, House and the DNC.

“The White House and Democrats are trying to blame everything on me, which is very dishonest,” he said.

“They’re doing this to me because they don’t want the election to be fair.”

Trump has also attacked his Republican rival, Sen. Ted Cruz, on Twitter, accusing the Texas senator of wanting to “take my guns away.”

The White, and particularly the White Nationalist, Facebook page, is the home of the “alt-right,” a white nationalist movement that advocates white supremacy and other far-right ideas.

The page also hosts articles on such topics as white supremacy, the role of religion in society, the importance of education and the evils of the LGBT community.

The “alt right” has long advocated for a “white ethnostate” in the United States.

The Facebook page has been home to posts calling for violence against police and other white people.

Trump and his allies have repeatedly dismissed criticism from Republicans, including Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, that the “white ethno-state” is a threat to national security and the Republican Party.

The Trump administration has faced criticism over its handling of the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

A White House official told The Associated Press on Friday that the Trump administration was “working very hard to restore trust in the press and the American people.”

The official said the administration was working with the congressional intelligence committees, the House and Senate intelligence committees and the FBI and DOJ to address questions.

“We have been very clear that we will not allow this to happen again,” the official said.

The Associated Statesman’s J.D. Harrison contributed to this report.

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