Posted November 05, 2018 06:31:13Pakistani authorities have denied that Taliban killed more than 100 journalists in a raid on a government building in the capital city of Islamabad, which has become a symbol of the country’s conflict with the Taliban.

The Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) reported Sunday that police raided the headquarters of the Pakistan Information Service (PIS) on Saturday morning and detained journalists at the premises.PBS said the raid was carried out by Pakistan’s counterterrorism agency, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

The report said security forces took journalists, security guards and their families to a detention centre and that the agency has taken the decision to release them.

It added that security forces raided the offices of the PIS in the city’s Momin sector and arrested seven journalists.

The news agency quoted a security source as saying that the PBC was able to establish that the raid took place “under the pretext of the investigation of a case in which a journalist was killed.”

Pakistan’s Foreign Office, meanwhile, rejected the reports, saying it was “confident that the information is false.”

The Foreign Office said it is “not aware of any Pakistani government official confirming that the operation was carried on.”

It also said that Pakistan has “always cooperated with the United Nations to fight terrorism.”

The United States has said that Islamabad is in contact with the international community to ensure the safety of the journalists.

Pakistan’s government has repeatedly denied any involvement in the killings.

The PBC report cited Pakistani officials as saying “there is no intelligence or information indicating that there has been any attack on PIS headquarters in Karachi.”

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