Police commissioner Mick Moxon has said he is “disappointed” by the police response to the Sydney siege.

Key points:Moxon says officers need to “work from the top” and the department’s “focus is not on what happens outside the box”Police say they are trying to maintain order in the city, and are not trying to protect their communityThe commissioner says the officers need “to work from the bottom up” and they have to “stay on top of the issues”He said he was “disgusted” by police behaviour during the siege, and said he had been told by “people in the community” the police were “not doing their jobs”.

“We’ve got a situation where we’re dealing with a situation that is very, very dangerous,” Mr Moxonsaid in a speech on Thursday.

“I’ve got people who are saying ‘the police are doing their duty’ … we are not protecting our people, we’re not protecting the community.”

He said the department “has to do its job” and “stay focused on what’s going on inside our community”.

“What’s happened is the police have been working very hard to prevent this from happening in the first place.”

So we are disappointed that they’ve not done their job and we’re working very, hard to try and ensure that happens.

“Chief Commissioner Mick Molloy told a news conference that he was disappointed with the response of police to the siege.

He said officers need not be scared to respond to situations “within the box”.”

I know that I am disappointed that some of the responses have been very aggressive,” he said.”

They’ve gone after the wrong people.

“It’s not a good outcome.

It’s not an outcome we should be celebrating, it’s not what I want to see.”

Chief commissioner Mick.

Moxons said police were trying to “preserve order” and he had spoken to senior officers.

“What I’ve heard from people is that they need to work from a top down perspective and they’ve got to keep on top on the issues,” he told reporters.

“That is why the focus is not only on what goes on inside the box but also outside the area.”‘

No-one is in control’The siege has prompted a review of the NSW Police force, which was due to report on Friday.

Mr Moxona said the review was a “critical” one, and a “good opportunity” to review the way officers are trained.

“We are reviewing our training, the way that we train,” he added.

“Because the way in which we train our police is not good.”

When you’ve got an incident like this, it doesn’t matter how good you are in a physical sense but you’re not in control.

“Chief Minister Katy Gallagher said the “unacceptable” actions of police and the siege were “outrageous”.”

Our police are being held to a higher standard than they’ve ever been in their entire history,” she said.

Chief Commissioner Molloys comments came as a court heard an 18-year-old man who is wanted by police in relation to the incident has pleaded guilty to murder and other charges.

He has been charged with murder, conspiracy to murder, and manslaughter.

A court heard the man had “disposed of an explosive device” in the building on Thursday, before police stormed the building, killing all four hostages.

Chief Constable Mick Molls said the siege was “out of control” and police needed to “remain on top”The court heard that the man “used a weapon” that police believe was an improvised explosive device.

Chief Superintendent Mike Brown told the court he had “no doubt” the siege would have ended differently had there been an armed response.”

Had there been no response by the hostages, the incident would not have been as serious,” he testified.”

The hostage situation was dealt with swiftly.

“The police response was extremely swift and effective.”

He told the jury the siege “has had a negative impact on people”.

“In our community we know how difficult it is to get the public’s trust,” he claimed.

“But the fact is we’re all responsible for our actions.”

The trial continues.


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