Australia’s government will stop subsidising NBN if it gets hit by NBN Co merger

The Australian government is planning to end a subsidy for the national broadband network that it says is being used to promote the government’s controversial $7.9 billion merger with Telstra.The Coalition’s Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has confirmed the change to the Coalition’s fibre-to-the-node network, which the Federal Government has been trying to get through the Senate for months.Turnbull confirmed to […]

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How to view news media charts in a browser

You can see how the news media outlets in your local area are ranking, by clicking on the links.This will display the news outlets’ metrics as a bar chart.You can also click on the map to see where they are ranked.This is a chart of the news channels’ metrics, as shown on their websites.You may need to refresh the page […]

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When a woman was brutally murdered in a New Orleans hotel room, there was no one to blame

NEW ORLEANS — A woman was fatally stabbed in a hotel room room in New Orleans on Tuesday night, prompting police to launch a manhunt for a suspect.It happened just after midnight in the 1700 block of West Street in the city’s East End.A man, identified by police as the woman’s boyfriend, told police he was in a room at […]

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