President Donald Trump’s proposed $1.8 trillion budget for 2019 has the potential to cut school funding and make it harder for students to receive news coverage from local news outlets.

It would also make it easier for private companies to control the content and reach of local news, according to an analysis of Trump’s fiscal 2018 budget released Thursday by the Center for American Progress Action Fund.

The analysis is based on a version of the budget prepared by a White House staff aide and shared with the Center by CAP.

The administration released the budget on Thursday, less than two weeks before it is due to be released to the public.

The White House said in a statement that the plan is meant to “make sure the American people have access to the most accurate, balanced and complete news coverage possible.”

The proposed budget would eliminate the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, which administers the Federal Acquisition Regulation.

It also eliminates the Office for Information and Privacy, which protects citizens’ privacy online and helps the public obtain information about government surveillance programs.

The proposal would also end the Office to Protect and Advance the Privacy Act, which is a law that requires federal agencies to protect privacy.

It calls for ending the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, the Office on Government Ethics, and the Office that Transforms Government Accountability, among others.

The plan calls for $4.8 billion in cuts to federal agencies’ budgets, $600 million in reductions to the Office, and $1 billion in additional cuts to the OMB.

“We need to get this budget right, and this is an important first step in doing that,” CAP President Michael Glassner said in the statement.

“This is not about how much we should spend, it’s about how we spend our money, and it’s a good start.”

CAP’s analysis is the first analysis of the 2018 budget and the first to look at Trump’s spending plans.

The 2018 budget would slash the OMP, which provides advice on how agencies operate, and would eliminate a host of other agencies that help protect civil liberties, including the Office and the Federal Advisory Committee.

The budget would also eliminate the Privacy Oversight Board.

The proposed cuts to OMB, which oversees agencies that oversee cybersecurity, would be particularly devastating.

The Office for Technology Assessment, which runs the Federal Government Information Security Center, would also be cut by nearly $1 million.

The OMB would lose $2 million in funding, and its Office of Budget and Management would be cut $2.3 million.

OMB director Robert Wiblin said in February that the Ombos budget would be “the single largest cut in the budget of any federal agency.”

The Office of Government Ethics would also lose funding, with $1,000 cut from the OGE and $2,000 from the Office.

Trump’s proposal for the 2019 budget is the most drastic yet.

The outline released Thursday lays out a series of measures to ensure that agencies can’t “overreach their statutory authority, overreach their oversight authority, or overreach the statutory responsibilities of the Office.”

The plan includes a proposal to eliminate the OPM, the Ombuds, the Privacy Office, the Federal Elections Commission, and a number of other federal agencies.

“The proposal does not include any other changes that would substantially increase the size or scope of government, which means it is not feasible to achieve the required savings in the next year without making drastic cuts to agencies, including at the OPE,” Glassner wrote in the letter.

“Our analysis shows that in order to save $1 trillion, this budget would require substantial reductions in other agencies and would have little to no impact on public safety.”

CAP is a left-leaning think tank that focuses on economic policy and governance.

The group released a report in February estimating that Trump’s plan would cut the budget by $6 trillion.

That report included a separate analysis that said the proposed budget cuts would affect nearly one in four Americans, including half of all Americans who are women and one in three Americans who work full time.

CAP has been advocating for a new budget since Trump took office, saying that Trump has no plans to cut the budgets of all federal agencies in his first 100 days.

“President Trump has said he wants to save the government, but the only thing that matters is the American taxpayer,” Glassners said in an interview.

“There is no way he’s going to give the American public access to news, and that’s the reality.”

CAP has said the Trump administration has been trying to get rid of the Ombudsman, an independent watchdog for the federal government, and to “cut its budget.”

CAP also said that the proposal to cut OMB “is likely the most significant budget cut in decades.”

The proposal calls for a “comprehensive reduction of OMB’s statutory authority,” Glassesner said.

Glassner’s proposal also calls for the elimination of the Privacy & Civil Liberties

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