Reuters news agency reports that the world’s media is biased in favor of corporate control over the news.

The news media’s dominance has contributed to the world facing “increasingly dire problems” and has “resulted in widespread mistrust of government and public institutions,” the agency said in a report released on Thursday.

The report said the media is increasingly “increasing its control over what people see and hear, especially with regard to the coverage of the political and economic environment,” and it said the global media is now “dominated by a handful of multinational corporations that wield tremendous influence over the information society.”

The media is largely controlled by a few big media companies, such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Reuters and Associated Press, which together control 75 percent of global advertising revenue, the report said.

Reuters/Getty ImagesReuters/APA poll by Reuters/Getty found that 77 percent of respondents in the United States believe the news has become “too big to fail” and that the news “has become a major part of the daily life of Americans.”

Reuters/ReutersThe Reuters/Reuters poll also found that only 20 percent of Americans believe that the media has made the news news and that 70 percent believe that “the news has a positive or neutral impact on society.”

Reuters said it polled 1,000 Americans online over a two-day period.

The survey found that 78 percent of people say they rely on the news for news, and 71 percent say the media “is a source of news that is unbiased and objective.”

The Reuters news service reported that the United Nations, in an annual report, “has said the United Nation’s main job is to make the news available and accurate.”

“The UN has consistently stressed the importance of the news, which should be free, fair and free of bias,” the report added.

The news media is “largely owned by a select group of companies that wield enormous influence over how news is published and distributed, which has resulted in widespread distrust of government, public institutions and the rule of law,” the Reuters news services said.

“As such, the global news media has become increasingly dominated by a small number of multinational companies that control tremendous influence in how news can be published and circulated.”

Reuters’ report also found the global public is distrustful of government institutions, especially in regards to foreign aid and international law.

“Many citizens believe that, as a result of the failure of foreign aid, the international community has not kept its commitments to uphold human rights, democracy and human rights for the benefit of all,” the news agency said.

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