How to use a Chromebook to create a virtual office with Adobe and Google News

By TechCrunch Staff | 09/24/18 08:37:25By Chris Johnson / TechCrunch EditorChris Johnson | 09 / 24 / 18 08:23:53As of yesterday, I’m the CEO of an online business.In an attempt to make my online presence more appealing to customers, I’ve put together a few tools that allow me to build a virtual desktopspace in my own office.One of these tools […]

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The town square of a hacktivist and anti-censorship advocate

Hacker News has been a platform for an internet activist and activist, and he has written a number of articles about his journey to becoming a hacker and anti–censorship activist.The man who goes by the handle ‘Korok’ and is often referred to as ‘The Hacker’, is also a writer, and wrote for the website Mashable.His articles include an article about […]

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