How to watch ‘The Walking Dead’: ‘A new frontier for zombie movies’

The Walking Dead is back, and it’s back with an entirely new kind of zombie film.The movie will hit theaters on Friday and feature the return of Rick Grimes, a new character, as well as his wife Michonne and their baby son Carl, who will be played by the late James Marsden.According to a new teaser, it will be the […]

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Which Indian player should I watch? – Balaji media

Balaji Media has been in talks with a number of Indian footballers to be a part of their programme for the coming World Cup in 2018.Balaji Media will feature eight Indian players in the programme.The programme, which will be aired on the RTE channel in India from March 28, will feature some of the world’s best players.The group includes:Goalkeepers: Ajit […]

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Turkmen media outlet says journalist arrested in Ankara

Ankara, Turkey — Turkey’s state-run Turkmen newspaper Afrin said Thursday that a Turkish journalist was arrested on charges of inciting hatred toward the Turkmen people and encouraging the assassination of the ruling party’s leader, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.The news agency said the arrest was made in a raid on a residence in Ankara on suspicion of spreading hate against the […]

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