Guangdong, China — Chinese President Xi Jinping says he will not visit the United States until the next year, amid growing tensions between the countries, as tensions escalate over the South China Sea.

Xi, who visited Washington last week, said in a statement Tuesday that he had agreed with President Donald Trump on the need for “constructive dialogue” between the two nations.

The statement came hours after Xi said China’s military would not conduct any “hostile acts” against the United State, as the Trump administration has vowed to do.

Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Liu He told a daily news briefing that Xi had made clear to Trump that China will not take action against the US on the South Sea issue.

Xi also said that the Chinese people will continue to maintain their sovereignty and dignity, he said.

China has repeatedly called for a diplomatic solution to the South Pacific territorial dispute.

Trump has previously criticized China’s use of its naval forces to patrol disputed waters and has threatened to label China a currency manipulator.

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