The NBA players are the best social media fans out there.

It’s no secret that the NBA is one of the biggest markets in the country, and that’s why the players and their team have been spending so much time and money on Instagram.

But there’s one player who has been taking a lot of heat lately for his Instagram accounts.

It turns out that the San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, has been posting a lot more than a couple of pictures of himself.

Colin Kaepernick has been doing it for years.

Colin Kapernick is on Instagram a lot and he’s also on Twitter.

So why are he so good at Instagram?

Because Colin Kaepernick’s Instagram account is a big part of what makes him the quarterback that he is.

He uses Instagram to share stories with fans.

For example, in the past few months, Colin has shared the stories of his daughters and his wife.

There’s also a story of a man who has had a stroke and he is sharing the story of how he survived the stroke with the hashtag #Someday, which is a common hashtag among people with stroke or dementia.

He also shared a story about how he has found peace in his job after the Super Bowl.

In some ways, it’s no surprise that he’s a big fan of social media.

In fact, the former 49ers QB has become a regular on Twitter and has almost 3.3 million followers.

Kaepernick has a large following on Instagram and there are hundreds of thousands of followers on his Twitter account.

In addition to his fans, Colin is also on the front page of his Facebook page.

The former 49er is also the most retweeted NFL quarterback with a whopping 4.5 million.

He has over 2.5 billion likes on Facebook.

Kaepernick’s followers are a part of his business model.

Colin has been an Instagram celebrity for over a year and has over 5.8 million followers, and there’s a lot to love about that.

If you want to see how successful Colin has made it as a celebrity, check out this video that he released a few years ago.

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