The best state to live in is the one that’s the least likely to have cancer, according to a new study by a health care research group.

The study by the National Cancer Institute, which released its findings Friday, found that people living in states with a lower cancer rate, which included Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama, are more likely to survive cancer than those in states where the rate is higher.

In Georgia, for example, the state has a 2.7 percent rate of cancer deaths, while it has a 7.5 percent rate in Alabama.

Those living in Alabama are also more likely than those living in Georgia to have a cancer diagnosis within the first three months of their lives, according the study.

Georgia has a lower rate of deaths from cancer than Alabama, while Alabama has a higher rate than Georgia.

The findings suggest that cancer survivors who live in a state with a low cancer rate have a lower risk of dying.

They are also less likely to die from a cause that has a high incidence of cancer, such as breast cancer, or have other medical conditions.

The report found that Alabama and Georgia have high cancer death rates, but that those who live there have a higher cancer survival rate.

That is because cancer survivors living in the states are less likely than their counterparts in other states to die of cancer.

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