in the news media article Posted February 01, 2018 09:17:28 When it comes to creating a great news story in the media, what do you look for?

What should be the headline?

How much of a story is it?

Or is it too small to be reported in a headline?

The answer to those questions is “all three,” according to NBC News senior news producer David Korn.

“We do look for a headline that’s going to grab the attention of the reader, that’s resonating with the audience and that’s really a story we want to tell,” he said.

“A headline that can be really simple, but that has a message that is going to resonate with the reader.”

Korn, a former news editor for the Los Angeles Times and The New York Times, said a headline should be concise and make sense.

“It’s not about getting the story out to the readers in a catchy headline.

It’s not a headline.

That headline is going the other way,” he told NBC News.

“The headline has to be meaningful.

The headline should make the reader think, ‘Wow, what is this story?

What does it tell me about what the world is going through?'”

Korn said a story should be about something that resonates with the people that are reading it, not the news, but also not necessarily in a sensationalist way.

“If you’re going to make a headline, you need to make sure it has a purpose,” Korn added.

“You can have a great headline, but you have to make it meaningful.”

A headline should also make sense to the reader.

Korn suggested that when writing a headline it should be clear why it’s being written, whether it’s for a specific event or news, and whether it will help readers understand the story.

“How does the story make sense?”

Korn asked.

“When you make a story about something, that can come across as a big headline, or it can come off as a headline and a little bit of a joke,” he explained.

“But it’s important that the headline is meaningful, it has an idea, and it has meaning for the reader who’s going through it.”

When it’s not the headline, the next step is to find out what’s going on.

“What’s the story that’s happening right now?”

Koth said.

He said if the story isn’t the headline and you don’t know what the story is, “it’s easy to miss the point.”

“A lot of times the headlines are really simplistic,” Koth added.

For example, if you look at what happened in the Middle East today, the headline of the article is “US-backed rebels launch assault on Syrian airfield.”

If the headline says “US backed rebels attack airfield,” it doesn’t make sense, Koth explained.

When writing a story, Korn suggests writing a long and meaningful headline, then finding out what is happening in the country at the moment.

“Find out who is going about this,” Kohn told NBC.

“And what are the forces in this country right now?

Is it Assad?


Is the Free Syrian Army?

Is Hezbollah?”

“We have to figure out what are these forces and what are they trying to accomplish,” Koren said.

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