It seems Australia’s new refugee crisis has gone from a joke to something serious.

The fake news story that emerged over the weekend claiming that Australia was planning to introduce mandatory mandatory detention for refugees and asylum seekers in the nation has caused a global sensation, with the media all over the world rushing to explain what the story actually said.

Key points:The Australian Government has been forced to issue an apology and withdraw its plan for mandatory detentionThe story has been repeated by other media and news outlets around the world, with media outlets reporting that it said the plan was on the cardsThe story also caused alarm for people in Australia, where thousands of refugees have fled the country to seek refuge in other countries over the past year.

But the fake news report has not stopped the Government from issuing an apology for the story, and it has withdrawn its plan to introduce compulsory detention for asylum seekers and refugees.

“The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has been informed that it is aware of a fake news article that appeared in the Australian media on Monday that falsely claimed that mandatory detention would be introduced for refugees in the country,” the AFP said in a statement.

“We are aware that the article is false and that the AFP has been contacted by people who believe it.”

However, the AFP does not support the notion that people in the world should be detained solely for seeking asylum.

“It has also withdrawn its statement that the mandatory detention plan was “on the cards” and said it would “work with the relevant authorities to explore the validity of the information”.

The ABC understands the AFP was approached by people concerned about the story before it was published.

What is the Australian Federal Government’s plan for refugees?

The ABC has been told the Government is still considering the impact of mandatory detention and will make a final decision in the coming weeks.”

Australia’s asylum seekers have made incredible sacrifices in pursuit of their own betterment of their lives,” the Prime Minister’s Office said in its statement.”[They] deserve the opportunity to live in peace and security and the protection of Australia’s laws and values.

The Government is committed to protecting Australia’s borders and to working with other countries to bring asylum seekers to Australia.

“The Government has also confirmed that the plan is still on the table.”

While there are no plans to introduce a mandatory detention regime for refugees, there are several options for addressing the current challenges that face Australia’s asylum system,” it said.

The ABC contacted the AFP but has not heard back yet.”

When people see a story like this, they go ‘whoa, what is this?’

“ABC reporter Daniel Hirsch said.”

What I find is that the stories that are reported are very much of a joke, and they can get very scary, very quickly.

“The ABC’s investigative journalism unit has also contacted the Prime Minster’s Office.”

It’s not like the news is getting any more serious, it’s just that people are reporting on this story and they’re getting more attention than they would normally get,” Mr Hirsch added.”

This is a great example of a news story getting a lot of attention and getting a good story.

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