Students who love reading the press should take a course in it, according to the editors of the Journal of Communication.

They have launched a course called ‘What the Press Is and What to Read’.

“The course aims to teach students the difference between reading and reading with the press,” said Julia Trewhella, the editor-in-chief of the journal.

“It is aimed at students who would like to become more familiar with the way the press works, but are not quite sure how to start learning about the media.”

The book will also help students learn about the various news outlets, the journalists who work for them and how to read their work.” 

The course is a collaboration between the University of York and the University College London.

The course starts on Monday, March 11.

If you would like more information about the course or want to make a booking, please email [email protected] 

[Photo: Shutterstock]The course will be taught by Dr Julian Evans, the professor of communication at the University’s School of Journalism and Communication.”

I have been a teacher of communication for more than 30 years and I am very proud of the way that the course will challenge students in both the academic and the social spheres,” he said.

Evans said he wanted to use the course to highlight how the press has evolved and how important it is for students to understand it.”

It will help students understand how news is created and what news is for, so they can make informed decisions and not just read it,” he added.”

For the first time, I want to give students a chance to really explore and think about what the press is and what to read.” 

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