EGYPT – Egypt’s government-run news agency has proposed a network of Internet TV services that it hopes would draw more viewers into the country’s nascent media market.

Egypt’s Information Ministry said on Tuesday it is working on an Internet Television Network (IOTN) to compete with services like TV4 and Al Jazeera, which are available on the countrys largest mobile phone network.

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MOCIT) said in a statement that the IOTN aims to provide free and equal access to a wide variety of content and services.

The proposed IOTNs would also include a digital news portal, a digital TV channel, and a website and mobile app.

The MOCIT, which is also responsible for Egypt’s state-run TV channels, also proposed an Internet Movie Channel in 2015 to compete against YouTube and Amazon Prime Video.

Egypt has a relatively low number of subscribers to the TV industry, but its TV channels attract millions of viewers and generate significant revenue for the government.

The Egyptian government says it wants to create an online TV network to attract more foreign investment and to attract a wider variety of viewers, who are mostly concentrated in urban areas and in the rural areas.

The government is also looking at ways to expand the number of TV channels in Egypt, including through online platforms.

The IOTn aims to have over 50 channels by 2020, and will also have the ability to expand beyond that date, the ministry said.

The ministry’s IOT Network plans to launch an online platform and mobile apps by 2020.

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