SAADAAL, South Africa — A government watchdog has recommended that the government ban the media from covering any major political and economic events in the next two weeks.

The Cabinet Committee on Media Regulation released the recommendation Thursday, saying it would help curb media influence and “preserve the sanctity of life.”

The committee said that if a country’s leaders decided to ban media from any major event within a two-week period, it would be a violation of the law and the constitution.

It also said that the media could not be allowed to cover any public meetings or rallies, which would violate the law.

This recommendation is not a new one.

More than two years ago, the Cabinet Committee recommended banning the press from covering political events and said it would also protect the sanctities of life, including the sanctification of life by keeping the country safe from natural disasters.

In a statement released Thursday, the committee said it will take up the issue with the South African government in coming days.

According to a press release from the committee, the media is the countrys most trusted source of information about political events, including major public events, and it must be allowed the opportunity to report on these events.

A ban on media coverage of political events could also affect the ability of the media to cover major economic and business events, the statement said.

But the committee also said the media should not be prevented from covering the upcoming elections or other important public events.

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