The backlash against the Murdochs has been ferocious and vicious, with the media’s biggest stars, including James Murdoch and James Packer, publicly questioning the legitimacy of the Coalition Government.

The Coalition’s leadership has been criticised for not holding a full-scale public debate about the issue, instead taking the “fairy tale” approach of a “dramatic” media blackout.

In the past 24 hours, the Murdoch-owned papers have published an array of misleading stories and misleading quotes, which were widely shared on social media.

One headline read “Jobs, unemployment, a new dawn for the mining industry”.

Another said “It’s the last time Australia will be able to make its own choice”.

While the media has responded to the crisis in a number of ways, one of the biggest was by making a series of misleading statements about what it had done in the past.

But the response has been nothing short of astonishing, with claiming that the Coalition had been “laying the foundation for a second world war”.

“We are going to be forced into a new world war,” the newspaper quoted Mr Murdoch as saying.

“You are not going to get a chance to fight it.

There is nothing left for us to do but fight it.”

Mr Murdoch also called for “a national emergency”, saying “we have to get this out of our system” and that the public would have to accept it.

While some commentators have called for the Government to scrap the whole system, the Coalition has not done so, instead saying it will keep the mining tax.

As part of a wider effort to “end the age of political correctness”, the Coalition also announced that it would scrap the National Broadband Network, saying that “it’s time for Australians to have a more civilised conversation about how the internet works”.

But Mr Murdoch did not stop there, claiming the Coalition would “make the internet the centrepiece of Australia’s future”.

The Government also announced it would introduce a “banking levy” on banks, which would be paid by the Coalition’s “Fair Tax” legislation, and was described by Labor’s shadow finance minister as “unnecessary”.

Mr Packer called on the Coalition to “go full steam ahead” with its “political correctness” and accused it of trying to “shut down the debate”.

In response to the Coalition, Mr Murdoch called on Labor’s Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen to take “a big risk” by calling for a public inquiry into the crisis, and said that “people are being fed a fairy tale”.

Labor, meanwhile, has also called on Prime Minister Julia Gillard to call a public hearing on the crisis.

Ms Gillard has refused, saying she is not prepared to consider any inquiry.

Despite the anger being expressed against the media, there have been signs of positive reactions from some of the nation’s most prominent people.

Mr Hunt has criticised the media for their coverage of the crisis and has called for a review into the “unjust and unfair” financial penalties levied against the mining companies.

However, he has also said that the media should respect “the fact that this is an ongoing situation”.

Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi has also joined a number the chorus of criticism against the mainstream media, calling on the Government “to end the media blackout”.

Senator Bernardi said that in the current climate, “it is irresponsible to continue to hold the Australian people hostage by withholding information from them”.

ABC reporter Sarah Ferguson told the ABC’s AM program on Saturday that “what we are seeing is a situation where the Australian public has a right to know what is going on in their local community”.

“There’s a lot of people who are feeling that the mainstream is holding the Australian community hostage,” she said.

ABC journalist Emma Thompson tweeted that “we need a debate on the truth and accountability”.

“This is not about the media and it’s not about what we are told to believe or what we should believe.

This is about the truth,” she wrote.

And Senator Bernardi told reporters that “the media is now the scapegoat”.

One of the major issues highlighted by many in the media is that “they have been holding the Government hostage” by not asking questions.

Senator Penny Wong, the shadow Attorney-General, told the media on Friday that she had been calling on Mr Hunt to “stop the blackout” but that he had refused.

According to Senator Wong, “the press are the reason why this is going to take place”.

What is the truth?

While many of the media outlets and commentators have spoken out in defence of the mainstream, many have also criticised the mainstream press for the way in which it has portrayed the crisis surrounding the mining boom.

Some commentators have argued that the “bombshell” media coverage has been used by the Government as a “political weapon” against the Coalition.

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