By David BianceriThe night after his interview with Donald Trump, David Bianco watched The Nightly News with Larry Wilfon.

He wasn’t expecting to have such a good time.

The hosts of the news show, who are known for their ability to engage in political commentary, are usually not seen on TV as they spend much of their time at home.

The newsroom has been filled with people working in various roles, including an anchor and a writer, as well as interns.

But they are now part of a growing list of people who are also getting a new job: hosting.

It is an opportunity that has become increasingly common in the last few years as the rise of social media has changed the way the news is consumed.

It also means that the hosts are now seen by many viewers as the voices of the people.

On Friday, the network announced that two new hosts would take over the spot that has been hosted by the late Al Sharpton.

The two men are also set to be joined by a writer who worked at the Fox News Channel in the late 1980s.

The new hosts are expected to start in the next few weeks.

But the show’s current host, Chris Cuomo, has said that the decision to replace him was not based on any political ideology.

It’s not just the new hosts, either.

The network announced Friday that it had hired a new host for the morning show that airs on Fox News and MSNBC.

The morning show is hosted by former Fox News reporter Jim Acosta.

He is also a former senior correspondent for ABC News.

It is a position that has traditionally been held by Fox News personalities like Megyn Kelly.

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