You know the NFL has a good reputation when it comes to its online product.

But, what if the NFL can’t make it available online?

The league just announced a new online subscription option that, like the old one, will only be available on the Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One and PlayStation Vue.

The service will cost $15 a month and will be available through October.

It’ll also include NFL Network, which will be the first digital channel to carry games from the league.

The service will also include the NFL Fantasy Football App, a tool that lets fans customize their fantasy football lineup and share it with their friends and family.

NFL fans will also have access to the league’s YouTube channel and its website, where fans can view videos of their favorite players from past seasons and catch up on the games that have taken place this season.

It’ll be a nice addition to the network, but it won’t make a huge difference in the way fans watch the games.

There are a number of other ways the NFL makes sure fans can get the best of its content, such as with live streaming on Apple TV or Google’s Chromecast.

The NFL will also be expanding the NFL Mobile app for Apple TV and Android devices to allow users to stream the games online.

Fans will also get access to NFL Radio, which features all the news and highlights from around the league, as well as the app, which brings fans closer to the game.

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