The Associated Press – NY (AP) – With President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan promising sweeping tax cuts and health care reforms, some people have begun to fret about what happens to their health insurance.

While it remains to be seen whether President Trump and Ryan will keep their promises, a report in the New York Times says a worst-case scenario for Americans who buy health insurance from a company could be the opposite of what they hoped.

According to the report, which was based on interviews with hundreds of insurers and policy analysts, insurance companies have begun drafting plans to cover the uninsured.

It was unclear how the coverage could change.

But in many cases, it could mean insurers would no longer provide coverage to people with preexisting conditions or limit their coverage to younger people, who tend to be healthier, the Times said.

While a person’s health status and how much money they have to spend on health care can be a significant factor in their insurance decisions, they will not be the only one.

Insurers and policy experts say they will have to pay more attention to older people, people with pre-existing conditions, and people who have higher incomes who tend not to purchase coverage on their own.

Insurance companies also have been asked to revise how much they cover for older and sicker customers.

They have also been asked not to make coverage changes that would affect consumers with preextra-preexisting illnesses.

The insurers also will be asked to provide more financial help to consumers with high medical bills, a step that would reduce the amount insurers would cover.

The Associated Press has more on insurance.

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