Google News has removed links to Israel-linked media outlets from its news feeds in Australia, following a crackdown on the practice in the country.

The move comes as Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces mounting criticism for a series of anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim incidents in recent months.

Netanyahu has repeatedly denounced the links, which were added to the Google News feeds last month.

He has blamed them on “extremists” and “propaganda”.

Netanyahu said he was “not ashamed” of the links.

Google has previously removed links from Australian news sites after complaints that they had the potential to influence the country’s political debate.

The links, posted on January 25, had been removed by Google after complaints by Israeli media.

Israel’s government has repeatedly denied any connection between the links and Netanyahu.

The removal of the link sparked anger in Israel, where anti-Israel protests were staged by right-wing politicians, and in the United States, where conservative media figures are under fire for not being as critical of Israel as other news outlets.

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