Jupp Weidenfeller was asked about the possible return of the Bundesliga champions to Europe in the wake of their 2-1 loss to Dortmund.

Speaking to Bild on Wednesday, the Bavarians boss said he would not rule out the possibility of the German champions returning to the top flight, adding that it would be a “good thing” for his club.

“We don’t have an answer,” Weidenflier told Bild.

But that would be fantastic for us, but we don’t rule anything out.””

It would be good if they did it.

But that would be fantastic for us, but we don’t rule anything out.”

Bayern Munich manager Jupp Theodt speaks to the media at the start of the match against Borussia Dortmund at the Stadion Neuenhalle.

Bayern have been in the Bundesliga since 2008 and were crowned champions in the Champions League in 2017, but are not expected to be able to secure Champions League qualification for the 2018/19 campaign.

A move to the German top flight would see Bayern in a stronger position in a league that has traditionally been played in the top tier.

“I would not want to rule anything off,” said Weidenfiner, who has also previously suggested that Bayern should move to a “small” Bundesliga.

“They have a great coach and have a fantastic football team, but if they don’t get into the Champions Leagues and win a few trophies then they would be left behind.”

It is not clear when Weidenfreick would return to the Bundesliga, but the coach has previously been critical of Bayern’s current system, arguing that it should be scrapped for a fresh start.

“In the last five or six years the style has changed and we are not winning trophies,” Weidler told German newspaper Bild.

“Bayern are the only team that do not play a proper style, which is not what they should do.

They are not good enough.””

In football, the best way is to have a style that is in line with what you like.

In this case, we want to play the best football and try to be a team that wants to win.”If we don´t win titles and that is not possible then we have to change our style.

It is a good idea.

It would be nice for the players.

“Theodt has been linked with a return to England following the departure of Jurgen Klopp to Manchester City, but has so far been unimpressed with his performances so far.

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