The 5-year-old who emptied her piggy bank for earthquake relief turned 18 and won a $48 million lottery jackpot

A fun story from Northern Ontario found that a 5-year-old girl had to wait 13 years for her good karma to pay off.

Juliette Lamour won her $48 million Canadian dollar, her second-largest lottery jackpot in the state, on her first attempt. Local news from her hometown of Sue Saint-Marie revealed the touching side of this story – Lamour said she had done a very grand philanthropy at the age of 5, and that her generosity It’s impossible to resist the suggestion that it paid off.

In 2010, the island nation of Haiti was hit by an earthquake. Aid organizations from around the world have rushed to help stabilize and restore the people of the devastated land. at Sault Ste. The Marie Greyhound Ice Rink, an affiliate of the Canadian Red Cross, has set the table to raise money for Haiti, and Juliette and her sister Sophie are determined to help.

That day, they tipped over a large pink piggy bank, which turned out to be $61.38.

Then, last week, as a young woman, Juliet won a prize of $48 million at the Ontario lottery box.

She told Soo Today that she was on her way to bring her grandfather an ice cream cone.

“I called him and asked him what kind of ice cream he wanted,” she recalls. “And he said to me:

“You just turned 18. Buy a lottery ticket and try your luck.” So I did.

“I walked into a corner store and was sitting in my car and didn’t know how to buy it,” she said with a laugh. I said:

‘Dad, Grandpa wants me to buy a ticket. What should I do?’

“Oh, go in and get your QuickPick.”

Luckily for Lamour, her father is her financial advisor, so it’s unlikely there will be a hole in her pocket.